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Silverwood Theme Park


Silverwood Theme Park is the largest theme park in the Northwest, it offers over 65 rides as well as a water area and a dining area. The park is open during the day the hour do change seasonally so make sure to check out their website. Their tickets are offered online or at the gate. Once you walk through the gates there is a land full of fun things to do for the whole family. Ride a huge roller coaster, sit down to eat and so much more. If you like high intensity rides there are rides for you like aftershock, corkscrew, Krazy kars, panic plunge and more. If you want something a little bit more low key check out the medium intensity rides like the avalanche mountain, bumper boats, krazy koaster, tint-a-whirl and more. Now if you want some low intensity rides then make sure that you check out the barnstormer, butterflyer, ferris wheel, flying elephants and so much more. There is something for everyone when you visit the park. 

When you visit the park they offer all-day parking for guests which is only $5 per vehicle. If you have a season pass for silverwood the parking is free. Also, keep in mind that if anything is lost or stolen silverwood is responsible so make sure that any valuables are out of sight. Service animals are allowed in the park but no other animals are allowed in the park.